Political and social media branding, film marketing and logo design.

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Clients Include

Ted Cruz for Senate

2018 campaign - Houston, TX (3.22m + followers)

Ted Cruz for President

2016 campaign - Houston, TX

The Dole Nutrition Institute

Thousand Oaks, CA

Jennifer A. Grossman

Speechwriter to President George H.W. Bush

AirBnB Superhost

Vote Leave

2016 referendum campaign

The Atlas Society®

Washington, D.C.

Portsmouth North Conservatives

(Rt. Hon. Penny Mordaunt MP)

Madison McQueen

Winner of 7 American Association of Political Consultants Awards

Los Angeles, CA

Iain Dale

LBC Host, CNN Contributor, Author (100K + followers)

NHS England

The Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth

No Safe Spaces (Dir. Justin Folk)

Madison McQueen Films and Hashtag Productions

Starring Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager

John Phillips

KABC 790, CNN Contributor - Los Angeles

Peaker Energy© LLC

Houston, TX

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

2016 UK referendum campaign


Ingraham Media Group, Inc.

Washington, D.C.


U.S. General Election 2016


I am not a member of or affiliated to any government or community organisation or political party.


Although I follow current affairs closely, enjoy my right to free speech and may express my opinion on social media, my own world view and personal political persuasion does not influence or affect the work I do or determine the clients I work for, in any way.

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